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iOS Game Controllers

iOS Game Controllers

by John on Dec 3rd, 2013 23:34 PM

I love the MOGA controller because it has two analog joysitcks. Is there another controller out there that allows for analog inputs?

Unity allows you to set the sensitivity of the sticks.

The only thing it lacks is wireless capabilities. I hope they have a wireless version in the pipeline. iOS does support wireless controllers, there just aren't any on the market. The iOS controllers that have been announced besides the MOGA don't have the analog joysticks.

I ordered a lightning extension cable so that it will work with a headset. I hope that the phone recognizes the extension cable. I know that apple nixed support for knock-off Lightning to USB cables in iOS7 because people kept getting electrocuted. I don't think that it will block lightning extension cables, because those should just be a straight connection and the phone should not even know that it is there.


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