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Your impressions about the Dive

Your impressions about the Dive

by nils16 on Dec 11th, 2013 20:48 PM

Hi all

I just got my Dive today. I was very excited for months to get a VR System.

So I was very exited to play with it. I use a Samsung Galaxy s4. (1080p Display)
In the most Apps I have a automatic rotation. But not in all Apps. That is annoying and a problem of this phone I`ve read.
Also I have idroid:con bluetooth Controller.

+Very light material.
+Comfort is good too
+Nice packing with manual and two bags, and a Iphone cover?

-Well I`m not to happy with the quality. The Lensholders are to loose (shaky), I have to make adjustments all the time.
-The lenses falling out very easy and often. (Extra pair should be included)
-Light coming through in some parts.
-+Overpriced for my opinion. But It`s OK for its launch. I think there was/ is a lot of developer work.

I "played" now several hours with it.
I know its the very beginning now with SBS Apps.
But Quake 2, The Height, Left 2 Die, are great to play with controller. Very immersive!

The most Demos are getting boring quickly. Its the very beginning of VR.
I`m sure there will be amazing games in the near feature.

The field of view is good too. I have a 5"FullHD screen on my s4. Its like you look through a good binocular. 3D effect is very good too.
Screendoor effect is okay. You see small pixels but that doesn't bother me.

Would be helpful if you can share your thoughts too.
Greets from Switzerland Nils
And sorry for my english...


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Re: Your impressions about the Dive

by Stefan on Dec 13th, 2013 15:29 PM

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on the problems that you mention and will improve the quality.


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Re: Your impressions about the Dive

by badpixel on Dec 13th, 2013 20:03 PM

i also have a s4 and the dive

the packaging and the extras are great. i think the price is right for what you get. i'm conciously paying for the development and the service on the sdk.

i'm happy with the device itself and how it's built but have two suggestions.
1. please add or provide the specs for lenses with a wider angle. i can't see the whole screen of my phone. e.g. i don't see the life indicator in q2 as it's on the bottom of the screen.

2. please modify the phone holder. the s4 is very large and i often accidently push the volume or power button while inserting the phone.

and i have a dream: perhaps someine builds a stereo-cam attacht via usb and mounted on the dive and an app to use it so i can use my dive as a full fledged 3d-ar-device.


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Re: Your impressions about the Dive

by flynt on Dec 20th, 2013 19:26 PM

I tested the dive ( & NEXUS 5) at work and everybody was quite impressed. Its light and comfortable to wear.
But the most people wish to have bigger lenses. For example if you watching movies. It looks great but you have to hold you eyes still and straight ahead and thats quite impossible when you watch a movie.

Btw. With MX-Player for Android its possible to set a custom aspect ratio.


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