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Know About the Real Causes behind a Drained Battery

Know About the Real Causes behind a Drained Battery

by mistywilliamson on Jun 16th, 2022 06:44 AM

Guess! You have to catch up on an important meeting while you are concerned about the traffic. You have been imploring for those green signals on the road. However, it might not be as daunting as compared to a failing crank sound of your car's engine.

A drained battery appears as a nightmare on such an important event that you cannot afford to miss or be late. However, you cannot do much if you are short of time. Besides, you should gain knowledge about the situation for further reference.

A machine such as a car has a sophisticated electrical system that entirely depends on battery power. However, it is vital to understand the real causes of a drained battery.

Read on these points that often cause your car's battery to drain unnecessarily.

Is It The Defective Charging System?

A car relies on the services of an alternate to charge a battery while providing power to the car's other components. Sometimes, the alternate may have a loose belt or it has worn out entirely. In such a condition, you can expect that your car's battery will get charged properly.

Therefore, you should check out for such faults as they do not produce worthwhile consequences.

Therefore, look out for a faulty charging system as it has not been taken care of, it will drain out the battery even while driving. You will end up being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Besides, car scanning and diagnostics service avail you get a piece of detailed knowledge about a car's issues including faulty charging system. However, you have to search for a trusted workshop and Service My Car should be on the top of the list.

Is It The Loose Or Corroded Connections?

The battery has two terminals to pass the electrical charge to outside sources while they can become loose over time due to shakes during a drive.

The loose terminal cannot provide the charges to the ignition system properly. On the other hand, these terminals become corroded as time flies. You cannot expect a hundred per cent power from the corroded terminals. However, you can avoid corrosion by opting for regular cleaning of terminals.

Besides, it is worth approaching a mechanic to get your battery on track. Service MY Car has been serving its customer with their car issues. Whether it is a car engine repair or car service, you can count on us for a list of services.

Is It Your Headlights On?

Headlights are powered by the battery and they sourced a substantial amount of charge. However, it may not be noticed during a drive. Besides, headlights take a toll on the battery if left switch on while you are not driving.

Modern cars have an inbuilt feature of shutting down your car's headlight after some time. In case, your car does not equip with such a feature, always keep turning off your headlights in mind.

Is It A Bad Relay?

The alternator performs the duty of charging the battery while the engine is active. During a running engine, you can use the electronic components of your car quite comfortably as the battery does not lose its charge.

However, the matter gets more alarming if there is excessive usage of electronic accessories such as radio, and interior and door lights while the car’s engine is not running.

Besides, you can also experience a drained battery due to a bad relay. Such as electrical mishaps, do allow your battery to drain fast. You can avoid such a situation by taking active steps.
Turn off all the lights before exiting your vehicle while approaching a trusted service centre such as Service My Car for a solution to electrical failure such as a bad relay.

Having Too Many Short Drives

An engine ignition takes a lot of charge from your car's battery. And, if you mostly have short drives, the alternator does not get enough time to charge the battery properly. This is more common with older batteries.

Besides, the short trips also take a toll on the car's battery life. Therefore, take care of your battery charge and even if you encounter the issue just visit the Service My Car for a car repair.

Is Your Car's Battery Life Over?

Everything does not remain as fresh as new. In the case of a battery, they are prone to degrade over time. A car battery usually has three to five years of life span.

However, certain external factors influence a car's battery life such as extreme temperatures or too many short trips. In case your battery does not get its power back even after a jumpstart, it is time for a car battery replacement at Service My Car. Never delay on such as important task and visit one of our workshops as soon as possible.

For ideal car maintenance, you need a great Car Service Center. With ServiceMyCar, you get to benefit from our extensive repair network as your car is likely to be taken to the best car service bolton has to offer.

You cannot avoid unexpected events such as stranding anywhere due to a drained battery. However, there are many services available to sort things out. You can call Service My Car for roadside assistance or a car recovery whenever there is a need. Besides, you should opt for a battery test during the comprehensive car maintenance service. These actions always help you to keep yourself out of trouble. Just call us or book a service online.


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Re: Know About the Real Causes behind a Drained Battery

by chalkmay on Jun 27th, 2022 03:53 AM

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Re: Know About the Real Causes behind a Drained Battery

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