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Cloud telephone system

Cloud telephone system

by deanpage754 on Jun 28th, 2022 14:29 PM

Cloud PBX
Toplink offers both a free IP-based telephone connection for the self-employed and small companies as well as professional telephone connections with multiple voice channels. The monthly costs for the VoIP professional packages depend on the number of voice channels required. The monthly basic fee for VoIP Profi 4 with four telephone lines and 10 possible phone numbers is €12.98. The highest tariff VoIP Profi 50 (50 telephone lines, 100 numbers) costs €49.98 per month. Call costs to the uk fixed network are 0.99 cents/min. And to the uk mobile network 9.8 cents/min. A flat rate to the uk landline network can be booked on request. This is available for VoIP Profi 4 for €11.98 and for VoIP Profi 50 for €144.98 per month. Toplink customers have the option of canceling at the end of each month.
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Depending on the size of your company VoIP for small business uk, Easybell offers different cloud telephone system tariffs. Cloud telephone system 10, 25 and 50. The smallest tariff for up to 10 extensions costs €9.95 per month plus connection fees. An optional flat rate with 1000 free minutes to the uklandline network and 200 free minutes to uk mobile phones can be selected for an additional €9 per month. For the next higher tariff “Cloud Telephone System 25”, which is suitable for up to 25 extensions, the monthly basic fee is €19.95 plus the connection fees. Numerous functions such as time-controlled call forwarding, busy lamp fields, call pickup and much more are included. In addition to the cloud telephone system, Easybell also has VDSL connections and SIP trunks in its portfolio.

Cloud telephone system
As a company with up to three telephone numbers, you benefit from the "fonial FREE" tariff with fonial. Although only the basic functions are available to you here, this tariff is free of charge for you. You only have to pay the connection fees. For the free product, these are 1.9 cents per minute in the uk-wide fixed network and 19 cents per minute for uk-wide mobile communications. With the product "fonial Plus", it is possible to connect an unlimited number of employees to the telephone system. With this option you pay €2.90 per month. per activated phone number plus connection charges. Since there are no minimum contract terms with fonial, you are free to terminate your contract on a monthly basis.


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