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Near Sighted - VR Augmented Aid

Near Sighted - VR Augmented Aid

by GeekNFreak on Feb 9th, 2015 14:31 PM

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Near Sighted - VR Augmented Aid
Are you legally blind? Do you have low vision or can only see things up close ? Then this app might be for you. NearSight is an application that works with your phone and the OpenDive VR display or any DIY VR displays. It uses the camera on your phone and displays the front image to the phone screen in stereoscopic. We feel that with time we can develop more devices and/or applications which will help people with visual or eye disabilities.
What you need for the App:

1. An Android phone
2. A head mount display compatible with a phone screen
3. Adobe Air

Start up the app and it's good to go. Tap the center of the screen to exit. No ads & Open source. To download the FLA file please visit the following link. This is also a great way to create augmented reality applications.

Open Source FLA Link:


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