Durovis Dive 7

Durovis Dive 7

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The Durovis Dive 7 is the world's first Dive-style tablet holder that allows you to get immersed into virtual reality. Made from high quality flexible nylon plastic, it is lightweight and comfortable. It's a bargain because you already own the expensive part of the system—your 7 inch tablet. Using a tablet makes the Dive 7 easy to use and allows you to wirelessly play games or stream movies. The unique Durovis Dive Tracking Technology offers brilliant low-latency quality and a fully immersive experience.


Product code (EAN): 0689466694956



You just insert your tablet, start the application and adjust the lenses to your eyes. What follows, is a spectacular experience of new worlds. The Dive 7 has an opening at the bottom that allows you to perceive your surrounding in your peripheral field of vision to keep your orientation grounded and to avoid nausia.

Durovis Dive 7 works with Android tablets featuring a gyroscope and an accelerometer and a display not larger than 7 inches. Check out if your tablet works with the Durovis Dive 7 using the Compability-Tab.

Dive into the game!


Durovis Dive 7 is compatible for a maximum tablet thickness and width of 17 x 127 mm.

NOTE: This list will grow quickly in the near future, but at this point, we were just able to test the tablets you find in the table below.

Brand Device
ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME572C)
Google Project Tango Tablet Development Kit
NVIDIA SHIELD tablet, SHIELD tablet K1
Nexus 7
Legend: compatible compatible with limitation not compatible