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Virtual Reality is gaining relevance in more and more areas, especially in marketing. Since the cardboard was introduced in 2014, it has been used more and more as a marketing and branding tool. Cardboard headsets have become popular tool in educational institutions - Virtual reality content enables complete immersion in a wide variety of situations; the feeling of immersion can increase the learning effect.

As a reliable partner who has been active in the VR world since 2012, we can support your VR campaign with custom branded cardboards.

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Individual Design

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4c offset printing

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Create design

Simply create your individual design with the help of our print template


We produce your personalized cardboards with high quality materials


You get your finished VR headsets safely packed and conveniently delivered to your home

Experience VR

Only a few easy moves and the cardboard is ready - let the VR experience begin!


Cardboard 6 (aka Cardboard v2)

Compatible with all common Android devices and iphones up to a display size of 6 inches, our Cardboard 6 enables access to unforgettable VR experiences without expensive equipment for old, young, large and small. Your headset comes pre assembled and is ready to use after one move.


The large 37mm lenses deliver a sharp image and a large field of view.


The button made of conductive material enables interaction with the apps by touching the screen without the need for an external controller. The interaction of the apps through the button must be provided for in the app. Alternative control options such as control via visual targeting of elements are also conceivable.

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Cardboard 5 (original Cardboard)

The Cardboard 5 is suitable for smartphones with a display diagonal of 5 inches. This cardboard is not pre assembled in the delivery state, but can be put together quickly in a few minutes with the help of the intuitive instructions. Due to the extremely flat delivery condition, this cardboard is perfect for mailings, as it can even be sent in an envelope.


Cardboard 5 uses the original 25mm Cardboard lenses, which were also used in Google's first Cardboard and that still delivers a convincing image.


With this cardboard variation, the interaction takes place by using the magnetic button. When using the button, the magnetometer in the smartphone is manipulated, which can be registered by the apps and interpreted as an interaction. This type of interaction also works fine with most smartphones. The interaction of the apps through the button must also be provided for in the app. Alternative control options such as control via visual targeting of elements are conceivable.

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We offer you tailor-made products and services that are customized to your individual needs and requirements. Request a non-binding first offer.

Please let us know more about your project so that we can prepare an offer tailored to your needs. What order quantity do you imagine? Do you need the smartphone camera? Will the user interact with the app? Have you prepared a VR video for your audience? We will contact you as soon as possible. If you already have a design ideas, please use our print template.



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