Custom-branded Cardboard

Dive Cardboard 6

  • works with smartphones up to 6 inches
  • push button with conductive material to interact with apps
  • large 34mm lenses
  • compatible with all Google Cardboard apps

Dive Cardboard 5

  • works with smartphones up to 5 inches
  • magnet to interact with apps
  • original 25mm lenses
  • compatible with all Google Cardboard apps

Virtual Reality as a branding tool

Virtual Reality is currently transforming various quite diverse sectors and since the publication of Cardboard in 2014, it is increasingly being used as a marketing and branding tool.

As a reliable partner that has been in the mobile VR space since 2012, we can support your VR campaign by manufacturing custom-branded VR viewers such as Cardboard 5 or Cardboard 6.

If you already have your Cardboard manufacturer in place or are yourself a Cardboard manufacturer, please check out our lenses as part of our Durovis Essentials program in order for you to enjoy the same trusted lens quality.

Custom Cardboards - Our Focus

  • highest quality
  • completely free design
  • professional support
  • fast delivery times

Print Design

You can use our PDF templates to create your own custom print or get help from our designers to develop the print with us.

Cardboard quality - our difference

Our focus on quality and details can be seen in ...

  • high quality
    cardboard raw materials
  • very sharp and clear
    Durovis Essentials lenses
  • protection foil to make
    your Cardboard more durable
  • only strong
    3M adhesive tape