Dive for Developers

Dive - Virtual Reality for everyone. Ever since the beginning of Dive, it has been this theme that motivated us to move forward.

Starting out with the 3D-printable OpenDive VR viewer, to the Dive 5 and then on to the even more affordable Cardboard , Dive viewers have always been used by VR developers as well as VR enthusiasts alike.

Initially only for mobile phones, we added the Dive 7 which allows to use the Google Tango Development Kit in VR. This gives rise to new exciting applications that make use of positional tracking and other advanced features.

As the spreading of mobile VR is in your hands as a developer, we provide a free Unity SDK that provides low-latency rotational head-tracking and works for Android and iOS and is also able to accommodate larger tablets. This SDK or the Cardboard SDK can also be combined with the Tango SDK for Dive 7 apps.

Let's continue the journey and not stop until mobile VR is for everyone.

If you have any collaborative ideas or projects that you want to share with us, please don't hesitate to contact us.