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Asus MemoPad HD7

Asus MemoPad HD7

by cba on Aug 26th, 2013 21:47 PM

Hi there!

Yes, I was curious and tried to run Quake 2 and the Dive Unity Demo on my MemoPad. Got Quake 2 running but the sensors didn't seem to recognize any motion. The Unity Demo was starting up and died after some seconds of showing the logo.

Would you like me to provide more information (like a Unity stack trace, Android version, a.s.o) or wouldn't that be helpful at all since Dive is aiming strictly to smartphones?

I also couldn't find information on such things as if the Android system needs to be rooted for the demos to work properly, my guess was not finding anything is because there's no need for it to be rooted - then again the demos didn't work. ;)

Loving the idea behind Dive tho.

- cba


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