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My Dive Foam was glued badly

My Dive Foam was glued badly

by Stefan on Dec 11th, 2013 00:29 AM

Im sorry if your Dive arrived that way. We are improving the manufacturing process.
You can glue it with a very thin coat of super glue. If you want your dive repaired, you can write to replacement@durovis.com

Stefan Welker


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Re: My Dive Foam was glued badly

by appie21 on Dec 16th, 2013 15:26 PM

My foam also easy get off.. what could Ido now?


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Re: My Dive Foam was glued badly

by karamoon on Aug 14th, 2014 20:41 PM

1: fix it yourself, should take only a few minutes. To be honest everybody has a different shaped face and preference of head strap tightness. No doubt that foam is the best material available, but it will always take a beating, comfort first, longevity second. You cannot look to Durovis to solve your problem here. I think there are better foams available, but Durovis are using what makes the product affordable too, that's good for them and us. These are early days yet.


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