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Samsung S3 - Head tracking not working

Samsung S3 - Head tracking not working

by captFuture on Jul 13th, 2014 20:27 PM

Hello guys,
I recently printed an open die and ordered the lense kit on amazon.
Today I had time to assemble the stuff and unfortunately dive/unity ... Is not Wirkung in my s3 ... Up down tilt is slow and left right is not working at all.

Tried it in my Galaxy tab 7.7 afterwards and the Sensors work perfectly but the views are rotated 90degrees ccw ... strange :)

Is there any hint on a possible solution?


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Re: Samsung S3 - Head tracking not working

by dboxvr on Jul 14th, 2014 21:05 PM

My S3 does this fine, but there are many other problems, including some apps not working and Snakebyte controller not pairing properly. It's really a terrible phone for VR.


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