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My custom OpenDive // Wide lenses

My custom OpenDive // Wide lenses

by Persopolo on Dec 5th, 2014 22:01 PM

Hi all !

I'm Paul, and i'm new on this board.
I'm new in VR since a few monthes, made several prototypes, and starting developping apps in Unity since a few weeks. (with Dive SDK, thanks Durovis !)

Here's my latest dive prototype... almost perfect !
I use 55mm diameter lenses from Manutan (2.165 inches) and the SLA printer in my office... ;)

[size=85:i3wsntdn]The front led is lit only for the show ![/size:i3wsntdn] :twisted:

I also made a CAD prototype for a friend, owner of a Nexus 5 and a DIY 3D SLA printer.
Below a video of this concept - optimised for 3D printing

All CAD files (solidworks) available somewhere here.


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Re: My custom OpenDive // Wide lenses

by agnostic on Dec 16th, 2014 19:21 PM

Hey, welcome!

I was thinking about the lenses too... can you see clearly with a good definition with those wide lenses? I like the dive because it can be adjusted for each person. Google Cardboard is a generic visor but because of that the vision it's a little blurry =/


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Re: My custom OpenDive // Wide lenses

by Persopolo on Dec 17th, 2014 09:01 AM

I can adjust the distance of the lenses from the screen with 4 screws on the top and bottom of the Dive.
It's not really practical to adjust them each time a different person want to try it, so I set them for a standard vision with no correction,
and I use my own corrective glasses.

I designed my dive to be wide enough to fit with my glasses... ;)

Everybody who tried the Oculus Rift told me my Dive was a much better experience ! (due to better screen resolution of my smartphone, and the large FOV of my lenses)
I also tried the cardboard, but I think it's a cheap device to discover VR. Not to practice it every day...
It's just like cars. Once you drove a large luxury car, getting back to an old small shitty car is really hard... we get used to comfort very fast ! :lol:

Durovis Dive is a bit better than Cardboard, but it uses the same lenses.
But it's still en entry-level product, that fit to a reasonnable selling price. Once your convinced by VR, one's should invest in better hardware.
My lenses costs almost the price of the whole Durovis Dive...


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