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Export for iOS, error.

Export for iOS, error.

by markCaz on Feb 14th, 2015 14:51 PM

bit of an easy to solve error, but I'm fairly new to Dive and Unity so it worried me to try this at first.. when you export for ios you get an error in OpenDiveSensor.cs complaining about AndroidJavaObject not being found. It's easily solved if you go into the code and comment out the following lines:

[color=#fFFFFF:37qvfanb]45[/color:37qvfanb] //AndroidJavaObject mConfig;
[color=#fFFFFF:37qvfanb]46[/color:37qvfanb] //AndroidJavaObject mWindowManager;

just wondering if these 2 lines should be moved down to below line 72, after the

[color=#fFFFFF:37qvfanb]72[/color:37qvfanb][color=#FF40BF:37qvfanb] #elif UNITY_ANDROID[/color:37qvfanb]

to save other people running into this issue.

great library by the way, works well on ios after this change.


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