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Gyroscope over background video

Gyroscope over background video

by Boubouk50 on Nov 28th, 2016 18:01 PM

Hello there,

I'm playing with your plugin for few hours now and I'm actually trying to display content in front of a camera capture. I simply deleted the dual camera and put the camera component upon the Dive_Camera GameObject to get one render and it works fine. Then I added boxes around the camera node to see the matching between actual rotation of the device and the generated one by the gyroscope.
And it's not very effective... Of course, in a closed room it's terrible (due to real camera translation, should be fixed in space) but outside, it should be more realistic. However, it's not. So few questions here:

- Do you use Compass to target the north and make the gyro correctly oriented in Y axis?
- Do you use Gravity to make the gyro correctly oriented to the ground?
- If not, is it planned or why not? I'm making the assumption that maybe you develop the plugin for VR only, because Dual AR can't work due to the lack of a dual camera in the devices.

I've also notice that after few seconds, the virtual world come back at its original place. So there must be some kind of recalibration, or not?

GyroTest APK

Anyway, this is still good work and free plugins is already enough to make developpers happy ;)
Keep up the good work.



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Re: Gyroscope over background video

by Boubouk50 on Nov 29th, 2016 10:19 AM

It's a more a matter of FOV and camera deformation than accuracy.
I updated the APK, if you want to try with your phones and tablets. Works good for me with FOV = 42. (42 the answer to life the universe and everything, of course...)
I'll have to figure out how to make it automatic though.

Anyway, I still need answer about Compass and Gravity calibration. I haven't seen anything that suggests it's implemented. Is it on the road map?



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